Access Copyright Hemorages Cash

Access Copyright was defrauded of $60,000. They involved the Toronto police, provided them with the information they uncovered so that they could conduct an investigation of their own. Earlier today, the police announced that two arrests had been made.

The individuals charged with committing the fraudulent activity are a former employee and a person not connected with Access Copyright in any way. Because this activity was uncovered at an early stage the financial damage was limited to $60,000. This is a fraction of their annual distribution to affiliates of more than $20 million and they claim it does not have a significant impact on the Access Copyright or its affiliates.

Access Copyright has decided to make it harder on the authors. They now require a valid Social Insurance Number or Business Number from all affiliates before royalty payments can be made. The affiliation process has also been updated and includes a requirement that, in addition to a works list, new affiliates need to submit for at least one photocopy of the bibliographic page or masthead. Both of these measures should help them verify authorship and ensure that only those who are entitled to royalties receive them.They have also put in place a rigorous screening process for all new employees.


Cheryl said…
Is this the government agency equivalent of jumping the shark?

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