I Want A Death Ray!

The march of technology continues. A company called "Wicked Lasers" (http://wickedlasers.com/) has a variety of lasers, including lasers that will:
  • Open-cut healing power (remember Logan's Run ?)
  • Cut black electrical tape (remember Red Green's Back to the Future episode?)
  • Ignite wooden or paper matches (I think they did this in the cantina scene of the Star Wars)
  • Pop dark colored balloons (like in Black Sunday)
  • Melt Plastic (uh... remember Westworld)
Let's face: these aren't lasers, they're death rays and I WANT ONE! But, I'm not going to spring for one myself. Help me get one of these wicked lasers (my favorite is the Extreme 95mw [retail: $369.99]). Here are my daffy rules:
  1. Donate $5 to this cause via Paypal. I will keep track of the donations and list your name with thanks if desired.
  2. Once I have $370, I will buy a laser and do cool stuff with it. I'll make videos and I'll post them to YouTube.
  3. If I receive more than $740, I will give a second laser to one of the people who donated.
  4. If I receive more than $1110, I will give a third laser to one of the people who donated.
To donate:

To track my progress, add code to your page:

I emplore you. Help me get a death ray. Please: I won't use it as an actual death ray. I won't ransom France. I won't even aim it at James Bond in jest. I swear. However, if I get it, I may also get a monacle for my good eye.


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