My Inner Geek

My inner geek-- what a misnomer. I do everything but wear a Star Trek T-Shirt. Today I catered to my inner geek.
We are going to the Victoria Toy Show next week to flog a bunch of our toys and collectibles: not the creme of the crop, not those that hold special memories. We're getting rid of the stuff we have either enjoyed and we're getting rid of; or we've lugged around and we're done carting them around. What sort of stuff are we shedding:
- Beatles figures (from McFarlane Toys)
- $6 Million Man figures (a beat-up Steve Austin; and a most of a Maskatron-- sorry I am keeping the vaunted Oscar Goldman)
- A lot of Star Wars toys
- Many comics: (highlights)
  • Incredible Hulk #110
  • Marvel Team-Up #53
  • Micronauts #11-40
  • ROM #17-18
  • Spider-Woman #37
  • Star Wars #42-63
  • X-Men #149-170

In digging into my comics, I rediscovered that I had parted with most of my X-Men comics. My nephew helped me sort through comic books. We went through the Hulk and the original appearance of Wolverine... I had it and sold it. Then I looked at the Wolverine mini-series: worth about $300 for mint copies. For the record, to buy them new would have cost $3-- a 1:100 increase. Sad.
While I tossed collectibles and I am about to do so again, I found that there two jewels in my comic book collection: Sam & Max Freelance Police (one of the funniest books out there); and Stig's Inferno by Ty Templeton. Ty Templeton went onto my radar a couple of weeks ago when he was flogging his work in the Simpson's comics-- namely a Hank Scorpio plotline. He is really excellent. If you don't believe me: he's published Stig's Inferno online! It's like getting Free Comic Book Day two weeks late.
If you'll excuse me: I'm off to play a night game of fizzball. And yes, I'll be aiming your direction...
Oh, and I've been watching the Trekkies documentaries. Good films about sad people. People like me. On a tangent, I found the original Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan script. I have come to the sad realization that this is my favorite film. Sorry, Orson.


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