Your Virtual Seller

Everquest came out several years ago. Soon after it's release I heard of people buying and selling items-- magic items they acquire in the game. Fake items sold for real cash (in some cases $1400+) and buyer isn't pissed! I like the irony that these guys who are handing out four figures probably pirate software thereby paying through the nose for a thing generated by a piece of software than the software itself.
Soon eBay became a venue to sell these virtual goodies. I found another place online that peddles unreal wares for Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest, World of Warcraft, City of Villians and most of the other MMORPGs: Your Virtual Seller
My favorite concept for online peddling. Get a cool magic item. Post it for sale. Set up the meeting to exchange the magic item. Leave. Then a bunch of your online buddies show up, mug the buyer, take his new magic item and leave with your friend's magic item. You get the cash; your buddies get to sell your item on their own.


Tim said…
On DDO, it's much easier, and cheaper, to get items through the DDO bulletin boards. However, there are the "Chinese Gold Farmers," who are people who are apparently employed to farm gold by running quests and selling items, and then selling the gold via eBay. I can't imagine anything more pointless. At the moment.

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