Happy Meal Loses Little Mermaids

When Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Cars comes out McDonald's Happy Meals will have reached a milestone. After this movie, McDonald's and Disney's cross promotional agreement of ten years is coming to a close. Happy Meals sales are driven by Disney tie-ins. Get the burger and lite-up toy. That connection had Disney worried. The little Disneyland patrons have had a hard time getting through the turnstiles. Childhood obesity rates have skyrocketed and fast food is likely to blame. Kids like their nutritionally devoid meals and they can't be expected to enjoy chicken wraps and carrot sticks. So, if McDonalds can't mend its ways, Disney is parting ways.
McDonalds is putting a positive spin on this: they say they're looking forward to non-exclusive agreements (Ice Age 3 Ice Cream? Shrek 3 Green Burgers?). The truth is: fast food used to be greasy to the touch. Now it's becoming increasingly more greasy in its reputation.

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Z├ęzette said…
In a few years it'll be considered akin to having kids' promotional toys attached to cigarette packets.

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