Templars, Sion and Da Vinci's Code

I read "Holy Blood Holy Grail" in the 1980s and thought it was a wild read. My problem with the Bible is that thousands of years of history are packed into this small book. Large sweeping events are condensed into a couple of paragraphs. That means that events like the life of Christ as so abbreviated that Christ could have father 100 children and that would be entirely snipped from the gospels like a footnote of a footnote. In the original Greek, the phrase "Virgin Mary" (never with a man) is synonmous with "Maiden Mary" (never married a man). Because a virgin cannot be pregnant, the incongruence is the miracle of immaculate conception. The brevity of the Bible plus 2000+ years of rewrites has set up a troubling bias. Priests take the vow of chastity. The mother of Christ is a virgin. So, Jesus would have to be a virgin-- or at the very least fathered no children. The Bible didn't mention the children of Christ-- well, the version of the Bible we have right now. The Bible also omitted the lineage of Mary and Joseph. It doesn't clarify if this Jewish spiritual leader who-- by all actions seemed to be a rabbi-- was a rabbi. No matter how important someone is, if they are weird and unlikeable, they are often unpopular. Gandhi was benevolent and resolved. If he were only resolved, I doubt he would have had his impact on history. All people, especially rabbis, were supposed to have children-- be fruitful and multiply. A chaste rabbi would have been ahead of his time-- six centuries ahead of his time. Everything except the letter of the Bible says that Jesus would have had children. Children have children. Common people have children. Kings have children. Kings and their concubines have children. Wherever Christ's children would have gone they would have been fruitful and multiplied in their own right. That carries a loud and resounding echo. If Christ was divine because of his lineage, divinity has spread into our gene pool. If Christ was not divine... well, that means the core belief of the most popular religion ever to touch this planet has a hollow center. Maybe because I was raised Christian, I have a bias; but I prefer to believe the former. Divinity is now in our genes-- and it has been for almost 2000 years. One hundred generations. Start with two children who have two children per generation and that means
1,267,650,600,228,230,000,000,000,000,000 offspring by today. While 20 years seems a little young by today's standards, for the first 1800 years people were having kids younger than 20 years. While two kids per generations seems a little presumptious, until the 20th century, most families had more than two kids.
As there are only 6,000,000,000 people on Earth, there is an opportunity for overlap. 211,275,100,038,038,000,000 times over. What does that say about our world and its people?

So, if this happened, what does this say about our world? If the blood line has spread to almost all of the population then what does that say about the state of our world? Shouldn't a thread of divinity make us more noble? How would this juxtapose the last two millenia of genocide and cruelty delivered by man against man; and man against nature. Maybe the state of humanity is the best evidence that we are anything but divine.

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PS: if my math skills suck, please tell me what 2^100 is.


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