Hotels in Victoria

Hotel in Victoria
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Come to Victoria BC! We have the best accomodations in the world. Tourist attractions, beautiful gardens. Stay at Barnard Park close to Victoria's inner harbour, the Empress, Government Street.
For a special unlimited time, Victoria is offering FREE accomodation. Single, twin, double, queen? You decide.
When I phoned the police to report that our park has become a campground, the report desk said that they would be quite a while before they could get to this. "There had been an emergency."
I don't know what has me more concerned:
A) An emergency like a traffic accident or similar can completely tie up the entire police force? If so, that means an earthquake, large scale fire or similar will lead to lawless pandemoneum.
B) Victoria doesn't care about the beginning of a squatter's camp because it's far from the Empress Tea Room, The Legislature lawn, Hatley Park, Butchart Gardens (or is it Butchard Gardens?), the Greater Victoria Trade and Convention Centre and the Royal BC Museum. Maybe calling it the beginning of a squatter's camp is hyperboly, but last time I checked, the police were supposed to enforce the law.
That reminds me: cities can have high crime and low crime rates. Three hours after I asked the police to evict this squatter, they phoned back and asked if they were still there. Three hours and they ask for my input and investigation. This is community policing taken too far. The community is good for only two things, their own policing and paying for the police.
At noon I went outside to see my daughter off. I went down the same walk she was about to use to find a crack whore jitting and fumbling through her purse. Her jacket was on so she had yet to shoot up. I yelled at her until she moved off of the property and followed her until she took a side street and went out of sight. I feel Mayor Alan Lowe, head of the Victoria City Police Board, has no problem with this situation. His office has carried out the most important task: keep the crack whores away from the downtown core and out of sight of the tourists. Junkies ride the bus into Esquimalt, tourists ride out to the scenic Saanich Peninsula. It's very easy to keep these two worlds separate. That is, until one of the junkies comes into town into one of the City of Victoria parkades, spies a Washington State license plate. Thinking the traveler in from Washington via the Blackball Ferry or Coho will have lots of easy to steal gadgets (iPods, camcorders, MP3 players, etc.) they may target their vehicles, break in and make off with plenty of stuff they can turn into cash at the Hotel Dougie on Pandora and Douglas. That intersection has an equally infamous neighbour: City Hall.


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