Ugliest Man Alive

Every time I turn on the TV, I'm hit with an image of Steve Nash: the NBA 2006 MVP. Because he lived in Victoria for a while, he's the local hero. That also means he's the the spokesman for MDG Canada. Why? Why is Steve Nash the spokesman for a computer company? Is Washoe going to become the spokesmodel for Cingular?
Maybe I've been spoiled by all of non-hideous athletes out there, but Steve Nash looks like he lost a bet and hopped face first into a mix master. Every time I see him, I compare him to two other less terrifying countenances. I think he does so well in Basketball because when he closes in on opponents, they recoil in terror.

Please: please fashion some sort of a bag to go over Steve Nash's head. Or, go back to broadcasting games solely on the radio.


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