A Blog By Any Other Name

A "Cthulhoid" link I saw to a cool Livejournal full of Octopus references got me thinking: what's in a name?
Cthulhu.Blogspot.com - goes to a said 16 yr. old from Virginia who stopped posting in 2001.
Shoggoth.blogspot.com - is for angry people who speak Spanish.
DarthVader.Blogspot.com - goes to a Bangladeshi blog with a photo of two people holding hands.
Darthmaul.blogspot.com - is, of course, the metaphysics of augu.
Hansolo.blogspot.com - is empty and Chewbacca.blogspot.com is still free.
Hitler.blogspot.com is actually titled, "Nazi Blog" I gave it a quick read. I can't tell if its a warning of encroaching fascism or if it's a sarcastic pro-Nazi blog. The Adolfhitler.blogpot.com site is something in Arabic. I think it's a poorly named flower site; but I fear it's a how-to for wouldbe bombers.
The NAACP.blogspot.com is Chris Puzak's back-up site.
Don't expect an ammo refill from the NRA.blogspot.com: It's the newtown rider's association.

After reading all this, I realized that sensible names are for the birds. I've seen the light. I have to dump my current slough of sites, in favour of new names:
mikedewolfe.blogspot.com is now kjfkjks.blogspot.com
technicalmike.blogspot.com is now proppercpellin.blogspot.com
veryfatmike.blogspot.com is now blooharvest.blogspot.com
...Just kidding!


Cheryl said…

I think there is a more convincing Darth Vader over on livejournal...

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