Who is it?

Guess who this is.
Hint: he was probably tired of being beaten up by everyone.

It's Carrot Top! ew.


Cheryl said…
Jeez. I really hate the hang your pants off your weiner pose. For some reason, the long red hair makes me think it might be Carrot Top. I hope it isn't because that might give me nightmares. =shudder=
Zézette said…
Yeah, the "pants slung so low he's obviously not unfamiliar with the waxing pot" look is creepy in the extreme. Or "captured just before the strides hit the floor and he sits on the crapper" look, perhaps.

A free piece of intelligence for the lads here: the only attractive thing about this picture is the (mercifully) blurred face. And even then, not particularly.

His nipples are very close together, don't you think? I never trust anyone with close-together nipples.
Mike DeWolfe said…
Suzette, I keep one nipple on me at all time and the other one is a safe deposit box downtown. Is that far enough apart?
Zézette said…
If that's the case, Mike, you are a walking, talking Fort Knox. ;)
Zézette said…
Do we get to hear who it is? Would we even want to know?
Mike DeWolfe said…
zezette: A) yes. B) no.

Cheryl won this dubious prize. As her prize, she has to endure the dance of the 40 veils*

*veils will be substituted with sport socks.

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