Crazy Earthquake Theory

This NY Times piece on a geological discovery had me thinking. If the surface of the Earth rotates once every 24. hrs. 59 sec. and the core of the Earth spins once every 23 hrs. 58 mins. 26 sec. that means parts of the Earth's core and outer crust are only synchronized very occasionally. What if there are "mountains" in the inner core: elevations of more solid material like iron that cannot be accomodated by the outer crust. In other words, the core spins past a fault line-- perhaps a subduction faultline where one plate is going beneath the adjacent plate. This creates stress that is released in vulcanism and/or seismic activity.
What I'm getting at is that if this is happening, its cyclical and recurring. Earthquakes are not random phenomeons; or constant stress with random release. Earthquakes are combination and synchronization of recurring factors: solar-lunar tidal activity; the contact of core elevations with crust depressions; and basic solar energy investing more energy in the Earth's crust. The core is much smaller than the outer crust and in between there are thousands of miles of magma. An elevation in the core would create a swell that would have to travel for many hours, if not days, to get to the outer crust.
The real corker for my core elevation theory would be if seismic event epicenters happen near the same longitude like a mountain making a round trip around the globe visiting havoc on Hawaii, California, Turkey, and Indonesia as it goes.


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