I'm craving Heroin so bad, I'm going to Tim Horton's

This is my recent complaint to Tim Horton's:

I wish to complain about the conditions of the Tim Horton's at 2 1258 Esquimalt Road in Esquimalt BC.

Tonight I came in at approx. 8PM to find that both washrooms were out of order. This is a frequent occurence. Of the last three times I have been to this location in the last month, the restroom has been out of service. When I asked the staff about this, they said that were not going to clean up after a drug addict used the washroom. The associate said that people could go to other businesses and use their washroom. Given the frequency I have found them to be lacking in this area, I do not know if they ever make a washroom available. If the washrooms are used by drug users for injecting drugs, I don't know if they would be hygenic at all. In general, this is not a location I would ever want to go again: be it for the lack of basic ammenties that are required by Vancouver Island Health Authority; the likelihood that should we need a washroom we could find an IV drug user or the aftermath of drug use; or the sullen service and curt explanation I got from your staff.

I feel very strongly about this matter. I will not hesitate to share my experiences and my views with others. I will advise them to steer clear of this location, but I see no reason to visit any Tim Horton's location again.

Of course, I think Timmy's sucks. Not even the staff like the place (this from a chick who goes to Queen's University). If they fire her because of her surly posts, could she find work elsewhere?

I got this from one of the donut-like drones:

Thank you again for your email and your comments. I assure you that I will
forward them on to the appropriate personnel for review.

It is never our intention to lose customers or jeopardize the relationship
we have built with them. Thus, I am sorry to hear that you may no longer
be our customer and only hope that one day we will have the opportunity to
serve you again in the future.

If you have any further comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to
contact us toll free at 1 888 601 1616.

Kind Regards,

Operations Services Representative

Awww.... they really care about the public. Well, the public's money. A friend knows the owner of these two shooting galleries. The owner just bought a new sportscar! Congratulations! Too bad he couldn't spare $30 for UV bulbs. But them, that would alienate his clientele (and the few non-IV drug users who still drop by in desperation).


Cheryl said…
According to VIHA, that location was inspected July 7th and was filthy enough to require a follow-up... this might tip the scales if the timing is right...
Z├ęzette said…
Haven't people over your way cottoned on to the UV light in the washroom idea? I can't stand them in washrooms myself -- giving, as they do, that creepy underwaterish purple glow -- but apparently they make injecting drug use impossible. Can't see veins or something, I'm not sure exactly what. They're popular in certain areas in this country, I guess in bathrooms that have had needle problems in the past. Sharps bins are a good move, too. Do you see any of this measures over there?
Mike DeWolfe said…
Some downtown bathrooms have it. But local businesses are pretty retarded. $30 in UV bulbs, a couple of washroom keys and they'd be set. The problem is: it's cheaper to do nothing. That's why I leaned on the government. Turns out, they don't enforce the law.
We live in bedlam. The government rarely does anything good. Police abuse their power. They only get concerned when something pisses them off or gets them excited (like a murder).

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