Oak Lane: Come For the ambiance, Stay for the plagarism

Read the Blethering Place entries on these two sites:

What do these two pages have in common? My wife did one in 1998 and then started traipsing it around the Internet (our Islandnet account, cheryl.dewolfe.bc.ca, her victoria.innerharbour.com domain). In 2001, a desperate "designer" who probably couldn't string two sentences together, lifted it and used it on a site he was designing (I can't speak about all of these other references, I am sure their owners can step up and claim ownership).

As to question of who got there first: we turn the Internet Archive:

My question: was the "designer" desperate to cut corners, or does he cut corners all the time? What if someone started a school to train people in web design and give them real world projects? What if they then charged the students and the web design clients through the nose? That would be a great trick wouldn't it? I guess lifting content would only make a ridicoulously stilted deal even more skewed.


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