Do you know this... wanker?

The advent of camera phones and digital cameras, means that photos are flooding into the digital realm. I found this link to a photo a NYC woman took of a guy who whipped it out and stared her down while he was beating himself off. If the police want evidence of what he was doing, they have it.
Scum love anonymity. In related news, I've started to photograph local prostitutes and vagrants. I have encouraged our neighbours to do the same. We may put together an exhibition of "Hoes On Parade" Stay Tuned!

Update via Zezette and Babble:

A city restaurateur suspected of being a subway perv had been busted years ago for exposing himself on a train platform, law-enforcement sources said yesterday.

Authorities said Dan Hoyt(2) — a leading expert on raw foods and the owner of two Manhattan eateries — agreed to appear in lineups after six women went to cops complaining that a man recently performed sick acts in front of them in the subway.

To take one of his quotes totally out of context, "It's always a surprise to see stuff come out."


Zézette said…
I started a thread on this at babble. That woman is a genius.
Zézette said…
Update: looks like the guy's been identified. See the link I posted above.

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