Then and Now

Why am I dieting?
  1. Because I did do it once and can do it again.
  2. I want to blaze a trail for others who are in my boat
  3. I want to stay alive to enjoy life with my wife and daughter.
What's your reason(s)?
The above left photo is one of me ca. 1990 and the photo on the right is me in August 2005. Photos are a good indicator of how far one has fallen.


Zézette said…
At least that skin condition that gave you little squares all over your face has cleared up.

(All the best with the venture. I'm sure you'll do just fine.)
Mike DeWolfe said…
That was a bad time. Kids used to chase me, hurl pop bottles and taunt me: "Low Res! Low Res!"

I can't talk about it. It's giving me chills.
Zézette said…
Children can be cruel, can't they?

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