Sure, Kevin Can Show Off Her Box....

This from the Register....

Britney Spears' squeeze Kevin Federline wants the highly-talented chanteuse to drop her sprog on live TV, a breathless Yahoo! reports. Britney is due to eject her bun in October, and young Kev reckons - in the wake of the couple's recent ratings flop Chaotic - that the sight of the pop sensation, legs akimbo, grunting her Hollywood rugrat into the world might prove an audience-puller.
Yep. "Dancer" Federline is actually contemplating pimping out his wife. Instead of giving one guy the keys to the waterworks for $100, he's willing to give millions of guys a peek for advertising revenue in the name of the miracle of birth. Of course, the American mindset probably means that they will show the miracle of birth but pixelate everything from belly button to knees. Some 24x20 pixel blotch will fly out of the former mouseketeer, the violin music will play and we'll cut to a scene of the happy couple and their cream cheese coated creation.


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